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Charles & Alexander 1998 – 2007

Charlie and Alex shared a remarkable complicity throughout their childhood. It continues to this day, years after their parents moved apart.

This page is comprised of four galleries of photos of the two boys, the first from when Alex was born in 1998 until 2000, the toddler period, the second from 2000 through 2003, and the third and fourth from 2004 through 2007.

There’s no particular reason for the dates, except that Alex was born in 1998. There’s no particular moral or message in the choice of photos: they just portray a kind big brother and an admiring little brother, doing what fun siblings do.

Here they are with Alban, Tom, Daphné and Nick, and here they are fooling around.

Another gallery, this one taken from 2000 through 2003. By the end of this one, Alex was five years old and Charlie eight.

Now things are starting to evolve. Charlie had been at Happy Valley School since 2000, and Alex started kindergarden there in 2003. Charlie moved on to Scotts Valley Middle School in 2007.

Life is not all play for small boys. In addition to parents, with their frequently unreasonable demands, there are aging relatives. This last trio of pics covers this latter side of life.

I can’t complete a page about Charlie and Alex without mentioning the game that made their young lives, soccer. Each loved playing as soon as he could kick the ball. There were times when managing the soccer schedules of our whole troupe was a challenge for the parents, but it was always worth it.

Here’s a season which made Charlie very happy, and here’s a real high point for Alex.