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Childrens’ Parties

We have had quite a few parties for the children, but find surprisingly few photos, perhaps because a child’s party is one of those moments when the parents do not have a lot of leisure time!

In December 1996, this intent little group was listening to Father Christmas when photographed by Marie-Hélène. Only a few of the ten-year olds here clearly knew that it was someone in costume: the seven-year olds were old enough to have their doubts and have asked their questions, but here in the instant that Father Christmas appeared, they were all hooked! Daphné is on the far left in red, half hidden, and Tom and Alban in green in front.

Below in the first row are another from the same party at La Bellanderie, with the girls clearly taking charge (on the right) and a non-party visit of a couple of the friends who were also at that party. Nick is in both and Daphné in the one on the left, still in red. The boy on his back, Gael, was dressed up as a baby, complete with a pacifier in his mouth and a scrunchie in his hair, and the children asked for the photo to be taken. There’s a lot of fooling around in this household!

On the second row is Charles‘ first party for children outside the family, which he held in the fall of 2001 at the minigolf on the Boardwalk. Five already! Then comes that rare photo from 2005, of Alex‘s 7th birthday party, held at Watsonville indoor soccer central (Alex is on the right toward the rear). It’s darker than the one next to it because the photographers have yet to acquire a flash appropriate to the quality of the camera!

On the third row are two of a party where our children celebrated alone: there are more than enough of them to do that. The first was at Charles’ party in 2004 and the second Alban‘s party in 2000. Because there are so many siblings, a party at home without
guests from the outside is not at all a letdown.

Finally, As he feels too old to travel to our home in Santa Cruz, he doesn’t see too many of our family celebrations any more (although he sponsored Charles’ and Alex’s christening).

And once or twice, the parents have partied too. Here is our wedding, and here Ian’s 50th birthday party