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Alex & Charlie’s Friends

Needless to say, all of Alex and Charlie’s friends can’t all fit here. But between Happy Valley School, Scotts Valley Middle School, Scotts Valley High School and soccer, there were quite a few we all knew pretty well. And a pleasure it was too!

Agustin and Jaia, two friends of Charlie's, are playing pool here with Alex and Charlie at the Brittania Arms, an English pub which we enjoyed frequenting for many years.

Agustin and Jaia, two friends of Charlie’s from Happy Valley School, are playing pool here with Alex and Charlie at the Brittania Arms, an English pub which we enjoyed frequenting for many years.

NB. In the unlikely event that any of Charlie’s or Alex’s friends (or their parents) actually makes it to this page, the selection below is in no particular order of priority. They are just photos we like.

On to Alex and Brendan, then playing on the same Santa Cruz County Breakers soccer team, during the NorCal tournament in Manteca, late 2007.

Here are Alex and Ricardo, Agustine’s brother, in 2003, sitting at the kitchen counter in our home.

The boys are constantly inviting their friends over, typically asking
the parents once the invite is accepted! That’s an exaggeration, but
parents will know what we mean.

Charlie‘s friend Alex (who has since moved away and is missed!) with
him on a Santa Cruz beach in 2004.

Of course, when boys are
together, they have a habit of fooling around! Jaia is a friend from
both school and soccer. The Catalyst is soccer training
for children in Santa Cruz County.

More soccer, and a little explaining is in
order. Cameron too is a friend from school and soccer. All three are wearing Manchester United shirts.
behind them Chelsea are playing ManU, and losing! Hence the cheers.

Just in case you were wondering, soccer isn’t the only thing for
these boys. No, there is also swimming!
Here we have (from left to right) Ean, Alex, Charlie, Brendan (more of
him here) and Galen.

also enjoy tourism, in small doses it must be said. Here is Ean with
them again in Carmel at the Basilica of Mission San Carlos Borremeo del
Rio Carmelo, founded by Fr. Junipero Serra in 1770, second of the 21
missions that dot California.

But do they enjoy doing their homework?
Well, truth to tell, sometimes. Other times, there’s a certain
encouragement needed. “You will not play soccer unless you do your
homework!” Anton is their partner here, probably before a carpooled

And does Charlie enjoy singing in concert at school? here he is with
Bradley, a good buddy who is now attending a different school. As he’s
still in Santa Cruz, they still hang out together.

Here are Alex and Galen (in white) on the attack. Friends on and off
the field.

They also love to go out for dinner on the weekend with friends
along. Here they are with Anton at Marie Callendar’s in Capitola.