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2008 & 2009 journals

Casual moment during Laura and Damian’s lovely wedding in San Diego, February 28, 2009. Nice clothes, guys!

The themed format that characterizes the first 14 years of this photo album, from 1994 through 2007, became unmanageable. The myriad themes are harder and harder to navigate, despite our attempts to group them simply and coherently and to link them in different ways.

Plus it was hard for us and others to find the most recent photographs when they were grouped by theme rather than by time, and sometimes the children liked to be able to point their friends to their own most recent photos.

On Mother’s Day at the Ideal Cafe, Alex goes cheek to cheek with his maman chérie!

So for its last two years, 2008 and 2009, this photo album became a photo journal, with a summary page for each year (which is that year’s Diary page), and a collection of other pages with highlights of different kinds from the year. The Diary pages are accessible on the menu to the right, and the other pages of each of these Journals are accessible below.

2008 photo journal

2009 photo journal

An August afternoon in the garden in 2009.

An August afternoon in the garden in 2009.

Of course, the best laid plans . . . Our separation in April 2010 put paid to advancing further in the new photo journal format.

Instead, I began the long process of converting this entire site to WordPress from Microsoft’s Front Page, and continued some sort of intermittent journal on my own WordPress site, Not a lot of action there, but it plods on.

The best laid plans . . .